Where are you located?

Cache, Oklahoma

What Kind of HEALTH testing do you do?

We use Embark,Pawprint and Gensol genectic testing for all our dogs.

Is My Deposit Refundable?

No. All deposits are non-refundable or can be placed towards a later litter.

Do your puppies come with any kind of guarantee?

Our puppies health is extremely IMPORTANT to us, we guarantee that the puppy is healthy and free of serious infectious disease which is verified by our vet. It is also recommended that the buyer take the puppy to their own veterinarian to be examined within a specified amount of time (most commonly from 48-72 hours). This is for the protection of both the buyer and the breeder. Each puppy will be accompanied by their vaccination report and deworming schedule.

How do deposits work?

We will only accept deposits on a litter after a confirmed pregnancy. We take 4-6 deposits per litter and will re-open the list if there are more spots available. If you are interested in one of our litters the first step is filling out our puppy application! We will only accept deposits from approved applicants. Please be sure to have an application on file before emailing or calling us. Choice of puppy is determined by your spot on our deposit list. We go in the order received

How do you raise your puppies?

Our dogs are part of our lives. We care for them and love them as part of our family! They are not raised in kennels. They visit their vet frequently and cared for with lots of LOVE. We generally raise just two-four litters at a time in the very heart of our home. We start loving on them from birth! They are well socialized to all the sights and sounds of our family and the running of our household.

Do you provide photo updates?

We will provide photo updates biweekly of available puppies to our website and social media. If a puppy is reserved updates will done privately to their new family.

Can we come visit the puppies before we take them home?

We love sharing our dogs and puppies with you! It brings such joy! However we have to consider their health and that of our family’s. Because they are so little and have baby immune systems without any
vaccinations yet, not to mention the pandemic, sadly we limit interactions a lot. Fortunately, we can video chat, facetime and send pictures and videos. Thank you for understanding.

What type of payment do you accept?
  • For deposits we accept WaveApp, Zelle, CashApp or Venmo.
  • Final/Remainder payments for puppies transport by driver or transport service will be due 24 hours prior to pick up in the form of Zelle, Cashapp or Venmo.
  • Final/Remainder payment for puppies picked-up by new family will be Cash only.
How can I get prepared for welcoming home my new puppy?
  • Schedule vet visits for a checkup, and for when they are approximately 10 and 13 weeks old, for their second and third round of vaccinations and check-ups. If your local, we would highly recommend our vet, just ask us.
  • Prepare your home for your new puppy by puppy-proofing. Decide on where the crate will go and how you will house train your baby. I recommend looking into joining Baxter & Bella Online Puppy Training to help with this, especially if you have children at home. It helps everyone to be on the same page about how to train. For one very reasonable fee it is a lifetime of support.
  • Order Iams puppy food this is what your baby is being weaned on, to have it when your  puppy comes home. This will help avoid digestive challenges.
  • If you haven’t yet, start coming up with a name.
Can you guarantee my Doodle won't shed?

Unfortunately no. The doodles can’t be guaranteed no shedding but minimal shedding is typical.

Is my Reservation fee transferable?

If reservation fee is paid and you decide to purchase at a later time, then your reservation fee will be applied to a later litter and will hold your place in line.

Do you hold puppies after eight weeks?

Yes, but if the Buyer has paid their reservation fee or paid in full and has not taken possession of the puppy by eight weeks of age or an agreed upon date in written, the Buyer must pay an additional holding fee of $15.00 per day for each additional day the puppy remains with the Seller.